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Vorrichtung zum relativen Positionieren eines Katheters zu einer anatomischen Verbindung Apparatus for positioning a catheter relative to an anatomical connection translated from German DE T2. Further comprises a guide wire lumen. The invention relates to a device for positioning a catheter relative to a compound in a hollow anatomical structure, such as just click for source vein or superficial veins and perforating veins, hemorrhoids, and esophageal varices.

The catheter may include an electrode device having multiple leads for applying energy to the anatomical structure, to permanently obtain a ligated form. The human venous system of the lower limb is formed essentially of the superficial venous system and the deep venous system, perforating veins connecting the two systems together. The surface system includes the great saphenous vein GSV and the saphenous vein.

The deep venous system includes the front and Hinterschienbeinvene, which unite to form the popliteal vein, which becomes the femoral vein FV when joins forces with the saphenous vein. The arrow from the top of the vein represents the antegrade blood flow out back to the heart. Functioning venous valves prevent retrograde flow by the blood is pushed forward through the venous lumen and back to the heart. If a venous valve fails, you experience increased stress and increased pressure within the lower venous segments and the overlying tissue, which sometimes leads to another flap failure.

Non-functioning valves may result due to the expansion of dilated veins. Upon the failure of the valves, increased pressure on the lower veins and lower venous valve is applied, which in turn favors the failure of the lower valves. Eine Querschnittsansicht entlang der Linien der A cross-sectional view taken along lines of 1 1 einer erweiterten Vene mit einer nicht-funktionierende Klappe an enlarged vein with a non-functioning flap 28 28 ist in is more info 2 2 dargestellt.

Two venous diseases, which often result from a failure flaps are varicose veins and symptomatic, chronic venous insufficiency. The disease varicose dilatation and tortuosity includes the superficial veins of the lower limbs, resulting in unsightly discoloration, pain, swelling and possible ulceration result.

Varicose veins often include a non-functioning of one or more venous valves, which allow the return flow of blood within the surface system. This can also worsen the reflux in the deep veins and in the Perforransvenen. Aktuelle Behandlungen der Veneninsuffizienz umfassen chirurgische Verfahren wie die Venenexhairese, das Abbinden und manchmal die Transplantation von Venenabschnitten.

Current treatments for venous insufficiency include surgical procedures such as Venenexhairese, the setting and sometimes the transplantation of veins sections. Chronic venous insufficiency comprises a worse varicose disease, which results from the degenerative weakness in the vein valves or segment of the hydrodynamic forces acting on the body tissues act such as the legs, ankles and feet.

When the flaps in the veins fail, the hydrostatic pressure in the next lower venous valves increases and causes a dilation of the vein. Because that will continue, eventually more flaps will be. If they fail, the effective height of the column of blood on the feet and ankles, and the weight and the hydrostatic pressure acting on the tissue in the ankle and foot, will increase.

If the weight of the column reached a critical point because of the failure of the flaps to ulcers begin to form Was ist ein GSV System Krampfadern the ankle, starting only in the depths and eventually penetrate to the surface.

Varicose veins can be treated with intraluminal setting. In the meaning used herein include "hardening" or "intra-luminal ligation" the occlusion, the Kollbieren or closure of a lumen or hollow anatomical structure by means of supplying energy from within the lumen or structure. In the meaning used here include "setting" or "intraluminal setting" electrical bonding.

An electrode Krampfadern Ayurveda Ursache von is introduced into the lumen and RF energy is supplied by means of the walls of the electrode device to ligate or close the lumen.

The electrical catheter includes a catheter having a working end with several expandable electrodes. The http://m.webdesign-rahmen.de/tinktur-auf-alkohol-fuer-krampfadern.php are arranged to contact the inner surface of the anatomical structure of the anatomical structure and to supply radio frequency energy to cause heating, so that the anatomical structure shrinks.

Inaccurate positioning of the catheter beyond the SFJ and in the femoral vein may cause in the deep venous system, heating of the blood or the vein walls. The position Was ist ein GSV System Krampfadern the catheter within the body Was ist ein GSV System Krampfadern the patient is routinely detected by imaging devices such as ultrasound or x-ray devices. The imaging devices allow the operator the electrode catheter at the SFJ to arrange.

However, such a method requires a transfer of the patient to an ultrasonic or X-ray device or vice versa transport of the ultrasonic or X-ray devices for patients. Such imaging devices are bulky, require additional personnel for the operation of the device and can be time consuming to use. Das kann unbequem und teuer sein. This can be inconvenient and expensive.

Physiological factors can interfere with the just resolution of the system and prevent detection of a clean image. Although the description just made only related vein, the concepts can be generally applied to other hollow anatomical structures in the body. The above description has generally restricted to veins, with the Was ist ein GSV System Krampfadern to avoid unnecessary repetition.

There is a need for a device to control the position of a catheter at a connection of an anatomical hollow structure within the body wie man Varizen a patient to determ men, which avoids the need for bulky imaging equipment.

The present invention satisfies this and more. According to the invention an apparatus for supplying power is provided to a hollow anatomical structure a catheter having a working end and, disposed at the working end electrode device which comprises a plurality of expandable electrodes that expand outwardly for contacting the read more anatomical structure of a patient and a collapse of the hollow anatomical structure to prevent, wherein a check this out device is provided, which is arranged and configured at the working end to emit light in a radial direction.

Preferably, the catheter comprises a guide wire lumen. The apparatus may be used to identify the compound in the hollow anatomical structure based on feedback of the catheter, without mapping the hollow anatomical structure during the treatment. The feedback from the catheter is light emitted from the catheter light, the emitted light outside of the patient is visible and the light disappears as the catheter goes deeper into the anatomical Was ist ein GSV System Krampfadern, as Was ist ein GSV System Krampfadern as he approaches during the treatment of the anatomical structure or penetrates into it.

The feedback from the catheter is light emitted from Was ist ein GSV System Krampfadern light catheter, wherein the emitted light is visible outside of the patient Was ist ein GSV System Krampfadern the light disappears as the catheter goes deeper into the anatomical structure, as soon as it approaches or enters the anatomical connecting them.

These and other features and advantages of the invention will be illustrated by the following detailed description together with the accompanying drawings, which by way of example illustrate embodiments of the invention, visible. The invention is explained by means of preferred embodiments with reference to figures. As shown in the example drawings, the invention relates to the positioning of a catheter to a treatment site for the intravenous treatment of veins. Like reference numerals designate similar elements in the various embodiments of the invention to be described.

In addition, unless otherwise noted, the term "end of work" in the direction toward the treatment site in the patient, and the term "connecting end" refers to the direction away from the treatment site in the patient. Although the use of RF energy is described, other forms of energy such as microwaves, ultrasound, direct current, circulating, heated fluid, shine like light and lasers can be used, and the thermal energy which derstandsspule of a Wi or from Was ist ein GSV System Krampfadern Curie point Was ist ein GSV System Krampfadern has been generated, may also be used.

The invention will be described with reference to the treatment of the venous system of the lower limbs, such as the saphenous vein in the leg. However, the invention is not limited thereto and can be applied intraluminally to treat veins in other areas of the body. There are many instances in clinical medicine in which it is important to detect the position of a catheter in the patient, particularly in relation to a specific part of the anatomy.

The electrode catheter can be Was ist ein GSV System Krampfadern intraluminally at the sapheno-femoral junction SFJ. Either before or after determining the location of the Was ist ein GSV System Krampfadern the treatment comprehensive tissue can be compressed by means of an elastic compression dressing, an inflatable cuff or a swelling anesthesia procedure.

Das anschwellende Narkoseverfahren ist in dem US-Patent 6, offenbart. The swelling anesthetic method is disclosed in US Patent 6, The intumescent anesthetic method comprising a dilute anesthetic solution which is injected into the vein to be treated, the comprehensive tissue.

The expandable electrode device which has been introduced in the patient is then expanded into a non-penetrating apposition with the venous tissue after compression of the vein. The electrode is then activated, and energy such as RF energy is supplied from the expandable electrode device to the venous tissue until the vein durably has a dimension less than or equal to the compressed dimension adopted. In one embodiment of the invention, the control unit coupled with the outer shell in order to forward relative to the inner shell, and move back.

In another embodiment, the control panel coupled to the inner http://m.webdesign-rahmen.de/lebensmittel-bei-einer-thrombophlebitis-der-unteren-extremitaeten.php in order to forward relative to the outer sheath back and forth. The primary leads continue to move outward until the electrodes are placed in apposition with the vein wall and the outward read article of the primary leads is impeded.

The primary Was ist ein GSV System Krampfadern are compressed further by the shrinking vein wall and have a reduced profile shape which is sufficiently small to effectively tying the vein. While performed with ultrasound guidance can be used for to determine the position for the treatment of sapheno-femoral junction SFJthe use of image-forming process can be expensive and inconvenient Was ist ein GSV System Krampfadern of ultrasound.

Fiber optic devices often emit light in a forward-looking manner. Which has been inserted into the more info, is recorded. The electrode device is activated to start the set treatment.

A guidewire can be inserted through the lumen of the catheter to guide the catheter to the desired treatment site. The catheter may pass over the fiber optic device to arrive at the desired sapheno to-femoral junction SFJ. The light-emitting portion of the fiber optic device can be configured so that light is emitted in a radial non-directional manner. In another embodiment of the catheter, a fiber optic device is a part of the working end of the catheter and a conventional guidewire may be inserted through the guidewire port and lumen.

While the integrated fiber optic device does not include a separate lumen for the lead wire, it is understood that a lumen Was ist ein GSV System Krampfadern be formed through the fiber optic device. As previously described, the emitted light will be darker or not be visible outside of the patient longer once the fiber optic device behind the deep layer of connective tissue at the sapheno-femoral junction SFJ extends.

This configuration avoids the need to remove the fiber optic device prior to the introduction of the electrode catheter. This configuration also allows for a more direct determination of the position of the catheter relative to the sapheno-femoral junction SFJ.

In another method, ultrasound can be used to the vein before the setting treatment, the position of the sapheno-femoral junction SFJ to determine the patient, said ultrasound images but need not, be used during the treatment. The SFJ is identified by ultrasound prior to the treatment and location Was ist ein GSV System Krampfadern the SFJ is externally marked on the skin of the patient.

During the treatment, the working end of the catheter at the marked point is located outside, based on the feedback of the signal detection mechanism in the catheter. For example, an electromagnetic position sensing system, as described in U.

The feedback mechanism may be formed as a separate wire, which is inserted into the lumen of the catheter, or as a sensor, which is integrated in the catheter.

The working end of the catheter is positioned at the marked position from the outside, based on the feedback of the signal detection mechanism. In another arrangement a magnetic position sensing system is additionally capable of detecting the change in orientation of the working end of the catheter when this in the direction of the sapheno-femoral junction SFJ is immersed to the gene of the Einbrin learn more here to the position of the catheter to index.

Der Katheter kann ein auf einem magnetischen Feld basierendes Signal aussenden oder empfangen. The catheter can send or receive a system based on a magnetic field signal. In einer Anordnung liefert ein am Arbeitsende des Katheters angeordneter Magnet ein horizontales und vertikales erzeugtes Was ist ein GSV System Krampfadern zu dem Abtastsystem, um die Position und Ausrichtung zu indizieren.

In one arrangement, a switch located at the working end of the catheter magnet for horizontal and vertical generated feedback on the scanning system to index the position and orientation. The magnet may be disposed in the catheter or part of a separate wire over which the catheter is inserted or become.

Der Magnet kann entweder passiv statisch oder aktiv sein. The magnet can be either passive static or active. In another embodiment, the catheter can receive a signal, which is based on a magnetic field generated outside the patient. Another arrangement would be to measure the power that is needed to keep the electrode at a constant temperature. The power which is needed to maintain a constant temperature would increase as the flow increases. In another arrangement, the temperature rise for a fixed input power can be measured.

The temperature rise for a fixed input power will decrease as the flow decreases. With the saphenous vein under pressure should increase, the flow of the saphenous vein to the femoral vein starting at the sapheno-femoral junction.

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