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Art Decosometimes referred to as Decois a style of visual arts, architecture Varizen Perioden design that first appeared France just before World War I.

During its heyday, Art Deco represented luxury, glamour, exuberance, and faith in social and technological progress. Art Deco was a pastiche of many different styles, sometimes contradictory, united by a desire to be modern.

It featured rare and expensive materials, such Varizen Perioden ebony and ivory, and exquisite craftsmanship. The Chrysler Building and other skyscrapers of New York built during the s and s are monuments Varizen Perioden the Art Deco style. In Varizen Perioden s, during the Great Depressionthe Art Deco style became Varizen Perioden subdued.

New materials Varizen Perioden, including chrome platingstainless steel and plastic. A sleeker form of the style, called Streamline Moderneappeared in the s; it featured curving forms and smooth, polished surfaces. Infurniture designers, textile, jewelry and glass designers and other craftsmen were officially given the status of artists by the French government.

The book was a spirited attack on the excesses of the colorful and lavish objects at the Exposition; and on the idea that practical objects such as furniture should have any decoration at all; his conclusion was that "Modern decoration has no decoration".

Art Deco gained currency as a broadly applied stylistic label in when historian Bevis Hillier published the first major academic book on the Varizen Perioden Art Deco of the 20s and 30s. The emergence of Art Deco was closely connected with the rise in Varizen Perioden of decorative artists, who until late in the 19th century had been considered simply as artisans. A similar movement developed in Italy. French nationalism also played a part in Varizen Perioden resurgence of decorative arts; French designers felt challenged by the increasing exports of less expensive German furnishings.

Inthe SAD proposed the holding of a major new international exposition of decorative arts in No copies of old Varizen Perioden were to be permitted; only modern works. Beginning inthe Department stores had recruited decorative artists to work in their design studios.

By Primavera employed more than three hundred artists. The early art deco style featured luxurious Varizen Perioden exotic materials such as ebony, and ivory and silk, very bright colors and stylized motifsparticularly baskets and bouquets of flowers of all colors, giving a modernist look.

Reinforced concrete gave architects the ability to create new forms and bigger spaces. Previously reinforced concrete had been used only for industrial and apartment buildings, Perret had built the first modern reinforced check this out apartment building in Paris on rue Benjamin Franklin in The theater became famous as the venue for Varizen Perioden of the first performances of the Ballets Russes.

Perret and Sauvage became the leading Art Deco architects in Paris in the s. Set design for Sheherazade by Leon Bakst. Art Deco armchair made for art collector Jacques Doucet — At its birth between andArt Deco was an Varizen Perioden of colors, featuring bright and often Varizen Perioden hues, frequently in floral designs, presented in furniture upholstery, carpets, screens, wallpaper and fabrics.

In — designer Varizen Perioden Karbowsky made a floral Varizen Perioden with a parrot design for the hunting lodge of art collector Jacques Doucet. After World War I they became one of the most prominent French interior design firms, producing the furniture for the first-class salons and cabins of the French transatlantic ocean liners. Some of the colors were inspired by the earlier Fauvism movement led by Henri Matisse ; others by the Orphism of painters such as Sonia Delaunay ; others by the movement known as the Nabis, and in the work of symbolist painter Odilon Redon, who designed fireplace screens and other decorative objects.

Bright colors were a feature of the work of fashion designer Paul Poiretwhose work influenced both Art Deco Varizen Perioden and interior design. The art style known as Cubism appeared in France between andinfluencing the development of Art Deco. The Cubist Varizen Perioden was poised to attract fashion, furniture and interior designers. The facade of the house, designed by Duchamp-Villon, was not very by modern standards; the lintels and pediments had prismatic shapes, but otherwise the facade resembled an ordinary house of the period.

The rooms were furnished by Mare with neo-Louis XVI and Louis-Philippe style chairs and sofas that were updated with more angular features to make hem go with the Cubist paintings.

The effect he seeks is obviously one of picturesqueness and gaiety. Despite its tameness, the installation was attacked by some critics as extremely Varizen Perioden, which helped make for its success. The Cubist style continued within Art Deco, even as Deco branched out in many Varizen Perioden directions. The decor included massive pieces made of macassar ebony, inspired by African art, and furniture covered with Morocco leather, crocodile skin and snakeskin, and patterns taken from African designs.

The exoticism of the Ballets Russes had a strong influence on early Deco. Illustration by Varizen Perioden Barbier of a gown Varizen Perioden Paquin Stylized floral designs and bright colors were a feature of early Art Deco. Design by Joseph Csaky. The geometric forms of Cubism had an important influence on Art Deco. A ceramic vase inspired Varizen Perioden motifs of traditional African carved wood sculpture, by Emile LenobleMuseum of Decorative Arts, Paris.

Art Deco was not a single style, but a collection of different and sometimes contradictory styles. In architecture, Art Deco was the successor to and reaction against Art Nouveau, a style which flourished in Europe between andand also gradually replaced the Beaux-Arts and neoclassical that were Varizen Perioden in European and American architecture. Grasset stressed the principle that various simple geometric shapes like triangles and squares are the basis of all compositional arrangements.

The reinforced concrete buildings of Auguste Perret Varizen Perioden Henri Sauvage, and particularly the Theatre des Champs-Elyseesoffered a new form of construction and decoration which was copied worldwide. In decoration, many different styles were borrowed and Varizen Perioden by Art Deco. There was also popular interest in archeology due to excavations at PompeiiTroyand the tomb of the Varizen Perioden dynasty Varizen Perioden Tutankhamun.

Other styles borrowed included Russian Constructivism and Italian Futurismas well as Orphism, Functionalismand Modernism in general. It was influenced by discoveries in Egyptologyand growing interest in the Orient and in African art. From onwards, it was often inspired by a passion for new machines, such as airships, automobiles and ocean liners, and by this influence resulted in the style called streamline moderne. Art Deco was associated with both luxury and modernity; it combined very expensive materials and exquisite craftsmanship put into modernistic forms.

Nothing was cheap about Art Deco: The style was used to decorate the first-class salons of ocean liners, deluxe trains, and skyscrapers. It was used around the world to in Krampfadern Männern Leiste Symptome bei der the great movie palaces of the late s and s.

Later, after the Great Depressionthe Varizen Perioden changed and became more Varizen Perioden. A good example of the luxury style of Art Deco is Varizen Perioden boudoir of the fashion designer Varizen Perioden Lanvindesigned Varizen Perioden Armand-Albert Rateau made between It was located in her house at 16 rue Varizen Perioden de Jouy, in Paris, which was demolished in The room was reconstructed in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris.

The walls are covered with molded lambris Varizen Perioden sculpted bas-reliefs in stucco. The alcove is framed with columns of marble on with bases and a plinth of sculpted wood. The floor is of white and black marble, and in the cabinets decorative objects are displayed against Varizen Perioden background of blue silk. Her bathroom had a tub and washstand made of sienna marble, with a wall of carved stucco and bronze fittings.

By the style had become more comfortable, with deep leather club Varizen Perioden. The study designed by the Paris firm of Alavoine for an American businessman innow in the Brooklyn Museumhad a unique American feature.

Since it Varizen Perioden constructed during Prohibitionwhen serving alcohol was prohibited, it included a secret bar hidden behind the panels. By the s, the style had been somewhat simplified, but it was Varizen Perioden extravagant. It featured a serpentine armchair and two tubular armchairs by Как Folk Heilmittel zur Behandlung von venösen Ulzera первая Gray, a floor of mat silvered Varizen Perioden slabs, a panel of abstract patterns in silver and black lacquer, and an assortment of animal skins.

The event Varizen Perioden marked the zenith of the style and gave it its name was the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts which took place in Paris from April to October in Varizen Perioden This was officially sponsored by the French government, and covered a site in Paris of 55 acres, running from Varizen Perioden Grand Palais on the right bank to Les Invalides on the left bank, Varizen Perioden along the banks of the Seine.

The Grand Palais, the largest hall in the city, was filled with exhibits of Varizen Perioden arts from the participating countries.

There were 15, exhibitors from twenty different countries, including England, Italy, Spain, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Japan, and the new Soviet Unionthough Germany was not invited because of tensions after the war and the United States, misunderstanding the purpose of the exhibit, declined to participate. It was visited Varizen Perioden sixteen million people during its seven-month run. Click to see more rules of the exhibition required that all work be modern; no historical styles were allowed.

The Varizen Perioden purpose of the Exhibit was to promote the French Varizen Perioden of luxury furniture, porcelain, glass, metal work, textiles and other decorative products. To further promote the products, all the major Paris department stores and major designers had their own pavilions. The Exposition had a secondary purpose in promoting products from French colonies in Africa and Asia, including ivory and exotic woods. The interior design followed the same principles of symmetry and geometric forms which set it apart from Art Nouveau, and bright Varizen Perioden, please click for source craftsmanship rare Varizen Perioden expensive materials which set it apart from the strict functionality of the Modernist style.

While most of the pavilions were lavishly decorated and filled with hand-made luxury furniture, two pavilions, those of the Soviet Union and Varizen Perioden du Nouveau Esprit, built by the Varizen Perioden of that name run by Le Corbusier, were built in an austere style with plain white walls and no decoration; they Varizen Perioden among the earliest examples of modernist architecture. American skyscrapers marked the summit Varizen Perioden the Art Deco style; they became the tallest and most recognizable modern buildings in the world.

They were designed to show the prestige of their builders through trophischen Geschwüren Gangrän height, their shape, their color, and their dramatic illumination at night. Black brick on the frontage of the building symbolizing coal was selected to give an idea of solidity and to give the building a solid mass.

Other parts of the facade were covered in gold bricks symbolizing fireand the entry was decorated with marble and Varizen Perioden mirrors.

Designed by Varizen Perioden Wirt C. Rowlandthe building was Varizen Perioden first to employ stainless steel as a decorative element, and the extensive use of colored designs in place of traditional ornaments. It was a giant seventy-seven floor tall advertisement for Chrysler automobiles. The top was crowned by a stainless steel spire, and was ornamented by deco "gargoyles" in the form of stainless steel radiator cap decorations.

The base of the tower, thirty-three stories above the street, was decorated with colorful art deco friezes, and the lobby was decorated with art learn more here symbols and images expressing modernity. The tops of the buildings were decorated with Art Deco crowns and spires covered with stainless steel, and, in the case of Varizen Perioden Chrysler building, with Art Deco gargoyles modeled after radiator ornaments, while the entrances and lobbies were lavishly decorated with Art Deco sculpture, ceramics, and design.

Similar buildings, though not quite as tall, click appeared in Chicago and other large American cities.

The Chrysler Building was Varizen Perioden surpassed in Varizen Perioden by the Empire State Building, in a slightly less lavish Deco style.

Rockefeller Center added a new design element: In two different competing schools coexisted within Art Deco: On the other side were the modernists, who increasingly rejected the past and wanted a style based upon advances in new technologies, simplicity, a lack of decoration, inexpensive materials, and mass production. They fiercely attacked the traditional Varizen Perioden deco style, which they said was created only for the wealthy, and insisted that well-constructed buildings should be available Varizen Perioden everyone, and that form should follow function.

The beauty of an object or building resided in whether it was perfectly fit to fulfill its function.

Varizen Perioden

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