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Secondary hypertension or, less commonly, inessential hypertension is a type of hypertension which by definition is caused by an identifiable underlying primary cause. It has many different Thrombophlebitis Licht es including endocrine diseaseskidney diseasesand tumors. It also can be http://m.webdesign-rahmen.de/behandlung-von-krampfadern-kirovograd.php side effect of many medications.

Other Thrombophlebitis Licht es known causes include diseases of the kidney. This includes diseases such as polycystic kidney disease which is a cystic genetic disorder of the kidneysPKD ,which is characterized by the presence of multiple cysts hence, "polycystic" in both kidneyscan also damage the liverpancreasand rarely, the heart and brain. Hypertension can also be Thrombophlebitis Licht es by diseases of the renal arteries supplying the kidney.

This is known as renovascular hypertension ; it is thought that decreased perfusion of renal tissue due to stenosis of a main or branch renal artery activates the renin-angiotensin system. Also, some renal tumors can cause hypertension. A variety of adrenal cortical abnormalities can cause hypertension, In primary aldosteronism there is a clear relationship between the aldosterone-induced sodium retention and the hypertension.

Congenital adrenal hyperplasiaa group of autosomal recessive disorders of the enzymes responsible for steroid hormone production, can lead to secondary hypertension by creating atypically high levels go here mineralocorticoid steroid hormones.

These mineralocorticoids cross-react with the aldosterone receptor, activating it and raising blood pressure. Yet Thrombophlebitis Licht es related disorder causing hypertension is glucocorticoid remediable aldosteronismwhich is an Thrombophlebitis Licht es dominant disorder in which the increase in aldosterone secretion produced by ACTH is no longer transient, causing of primary hyperaldosteronismthe Gene mutated will result in an aldosterone synthase that is ACTH -sensitive, which is normally not.

Cortisol is a hormone secreted by the cortex of the adrenal glands. Neuroendocrine tumors are also der 3 Grad prognostiziert well Thrombophlebitis Licht es cause of secondary hypertension.

Pheochromocytoma [35] most often located in the adrenal medulla increases secretion of catecholamines such as epinephrine and norepinephrinecausing excessive stimulation of adrenergic receptorswhich results in peripheral vasoconstriction and cardiac stimulation. Depending on the severity of the increase in blood pressure, rebound hypertension may result in a hypertensive emergency.

Rebound hypertension is avoided by gradually reducing the dose also Thrombophlebitis Licht es as "dose tapering"thereby giving the Thrombophlebitis Licht es enough time to adjust to reduction in dose. Medications commonly associated with rebound hypertension include centrally-acting antihypertensive agents, such as clonidine [50] and methyl-dopa.

Follow-up and control with medication is therefore often necessary. Another common and under-recognized sign of hypertension is sleep Thrombophlebitis Licht es[54] [55] which is often best treated with nocturnal nasal continuous positive airway pressure CPAPbut other approaches include the Mandibular advancement splint MASUPPP, tonsillectomyadenoidectomyseptoplastyor weight loss.

Because Thrombophlebitis Licht es the ubiquity http://m.webdesign-rahmen.de/bandagieren-fuer-krampfadern.php arsenic in ground water supplies and its effect on cardiovascular health, low dose arsenic warum Krampfadern nur auf einem Bein should be inferred as a part of the pathogenesis of idiopathic hypertension.

Idiopathic and essential are both somewhat synonymous with primary hypertension. Arsenic exposure has go here many of the same signs of primary hypertension such as headacheThrombophlebitis Licht es[57] confusionproteinuria [58] visual disturbances Thrombophlebitis Licht es, and nausea and vomiting [59].

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Arteriovenous fistula Arteriovenous malformation Telangiectasia Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia. Cherry hemangioma Halo nevus Link angioma. Chronic venous insufficiency Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency Superior vena cava syndrome Thrombophlebitis Licht es vena cava syndrome Venous ulcer. Hypertensive Welche Tests benötigen Thrombophlebitis disease Hypertensive emergency Hypertensive nephropathy Essential hypertension Secondary hypertension Thrombophlebitis Licht es hypertension Benign hypertension Pulmonary hypertension Systolic hypertension White coat hypertension.

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